The Challenge.
I love Pinterest. A lot! Most of my Pinterest addiction lies in the food/drink section. This is where I find the majority of recipes I serve to my family. If I'm at a loss for something new, Pinterest never fails me. Most of the recipes found there are easy to toss together, and don't contain a bunch of ingredients I cannot pronounce. Oh, okay, some do, but not very often. To be quite honest, I'm all about quick, easy meals that don't cost an arm and a leg to create. My time is valuable, so if I come across a recipe that my family loves and it was easy to make than I'm one happy camper.
The awesome people on Pinterest have contributed some great recipes. Very few that I've tried were considered a failure and even when it was, the fault was probably on my end. The majority have been great, and my family can attest to that.
Just to show you how much I enjoy the recipes I find there, I'm willing to take on a Pinterest year-long challenge that a friend of mine offered up --
Cook one years worth of food only from recipes found on Pinterest. Do not skip a day! Even weekends must be Pinterest filled.
I can hardly turn that down! So, challenge accepted, dear friend of mine.
Starting January 1, 2013 I'll post a new recipe each day found only on Pinterest. I'll also give my unbiased opinion on each recipe, too. It's always nice to know if a recipe is actually Pinterest worthy, don't you agree? The challenge will end on December 31, 2013 when I'll decide if I want to continue or not.
Simply locate the link here to find my food blog, or look above as the link is there, too, labeled Cyn's Blog. Each day you'll find new daily posts. You can also find a listing of each individual recipe here.
Remember to add us on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, our RSS Feed and yes, Pinterest, too. Each will be updated daily, as well.
Let the cooking begin.

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